Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Your CLSC thanks you for your patience"

I am currently holding to maintain my call priority. I am being thanked for my patience. I am trying to reach the info santé line and have been on hold for quite some time now. I am trying to be patient and not get frustrated. La la la... I have all the time in the world, this doesn't bother me at all.

I think that all this worrying and stressing out may be catching up with me a bit. So it's time to calm down and just not worry.

Finally! Someone answered the phone after 40 fucking minutes of being on hold. ok, more like 15. And it's fine, because I refuse to get annoyed and stressed out.

I asked the nurse who answered the phone about yesterday's vomiting blood incident. I think it's not that big a deal since it only happened once and after a night of binge drinking (with actual frat boys for authenticity). The nurse agrees. Good. Back to normal then. (OH MY GOD, I HAVE 45 CASES AND ONLY TWO MORE DAYS TO WRAP THEM UP. FUCK FUCKITTY FUCK!AUGHHHH!!!! ).

Still, I think maybe it would be best to consult an actual doctor - if only because I'm a sucker for rectal exams. Ew. Upon further reflection, I feel fine. But no more sangria.