Sunday, March 13, 2005

I am a glamorous jet-setter...hang on while I finish cleaning up this vomit

Andrew came to Montreal for his reading week which was cool. We won beer at Brewtopia, saw some movies and went skiing. He skis remarkably well for a boy from Florida. He made a very nice dinner for the two of us involving some of my favourite foods. Unfortunately some them disagreed with him and he ended up throwing up all over my bathroom for a few hours. I read some stories to him while he puked and even cleaned up. It must be love. This experience killed whatever small urge to have children I might have had, since those damn germ farms are always getting the flu and puking on stuff.

I'm going back to Japan in two weeks!! Andrew's brother is getting married there over Easter weekend. Unfortunately that's right at the end of the semester when I have tons of papers due and exams to write, so I can't take much time off. It seems that I'll travel a total of 36 hours to be there for about 72 hours. Ridiculous, I know. Still, pretty awesome. It sounds pretty boss to say things like "oh, that weekend's bad for me. I'll be in Tokyo." Actually, I'm going back to Mito, which is about 3 hours outside of Tokyo, but close enough.

It's a little less glamorous to know that I'll be powered by Ramen and other dollarstore foodstuffs for the rest of the year in order to pay for the plane ticket. Whatever. Japan! Now back to cleaning the bathroom again.


At 8:07 p.m., Anonymous Benjamin said...

I'm in Tokyo that weekend.

So. Very. Fabulous.


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