Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Kunishiwa from Japan

Hello from Miwa, Iberaki.
Japan is pretty awesome.

The plane ride was long. Take the longest you've ever had to sit still and add an extra five hours on top of that. I fell asleep for a while so I'm not sure how long it was (the time difference is too confusing to deal with). I did watch 4 movies on the plane, so it had to be a long time. But I got to see the frozen rivers of Siberia and the Northwest Territories. They're breathtaking when viewed from a few thousand feet.
I'll put up pics as soon as they're developed.

Andrew and his brother, Adam, picked me up from the bus stop in Mito and gave me my new favourite drink - Pocari Sweat. It's very similar to Gatorade except less sugary.
About an hour later we were in Miwa. It's pretty remote. Some of Adam's neighbours raise chickens. One has even has a tanuki (sort of like a bloodthristy badger) in a cage. I'm told he bought it thinking it was a dog. I can see why he would be confused. Aside from the stray mongrels, every dog is tiny and adorned with a sweater or little booties or a hat.

Japan is totally amazing. Aside from the Hello Kitty crap everywhere and sashimi samples at the grocery store, it's also really beautiful. Once I got over suddenly being illiterate I chilled out and just went along for the ride. Most people do speak a bit of English and the signs are often in English. Or Engrish anyhow. The bus from the airport out to Miwa reminded me to take all my junk off the bus with me. Other signs will ask you not to start bonfires.

I still can't get over how clean everything is and how polite all the people are. It's like Canada ratcheted up several notches.
There's even snow!
Unfortunately there's no insulation in most houses...or central heating. The kerosene heaters give you quite a headrush if you leave them on too long. Luckily I have Andrew to snuggle up to.


At 8:50 p.m., Blogger K. Valliant-Saunders said...

I gave you a can of pocari sweat like last year! AND you wouldn't drink it crazy fool! BEST DRINK EVER my ass. You would have eaten sticks! I don't know where I'm going with this. STICKS!!!!

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