Tuesday, November 30, 2004

God hates me

Caution: this is mostly complaining.

Like George Costanza, I might not believe in God, but I do when it comes to the bad stuff (just kidding, Big Guy...please don't smite me!)

Now that I think about it, it's not so much God as the government of Quebec that hates me, which is worse. In its infinite wisdom and even more infinite red tape, my government won't give me any Employment Insurance money or my student loan money. This, despite the $39 billion surplus EI is running and parts of my claim actually being legitimate. I am told thatI will have to sue my former employer to get the $45 they owe me and to make them fix my EI claim. Ughh! Just for more fun, I can't get a drivers liscence until I have a RAMQ (health insurance) card. But I can't get a RAMQ card without a the drivers liscence...or something like that. Very confusing. Fuck it, I'm moving to.......the middle of the ocean? Let's try that again...Laos. Not bad. Apparently it's the "land of a million elephants."
Since that Son of a Bush will be in Ottawa tomorrow, it might be a good time to get the hell out of Canada - just as soon as I get my passport.

The fact that a container of spinach dip blew up all inside my purse and all over my cell phone probably had more to do with my shitty plastic containers than the ill will of some sort of omnipotent being.
Regardless of what's responsible, it still sucked and made me cry on the subway. The nice guy who gave me tissues and the busker who was playing three recorders simultaneously (one in each nostril and one in his mouth) cheered me up a little. Sofi and Kem, who helped me wipe the spinach gunk off of everything and fed me tacos, helped a lot. Soon I will think this was all funny, I hope.

So things are looking up. I even finished two papers (nearly half done!). And now I have a swanky new cell phone with a camera in it. If I can figure out how it works, I'll put some photos up.