Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This is pretty nice for the darkest day of the year

I'm finally mostly almost done for this semester. Nearly.

X-mas shopping is the best procrastination device ever. After the internet, of course. And Pantaloons.

Andrew came to Montreal briefly on his way to Japan. No dust on him! But lots of vegan deliciousness in him, thanks to Ali and Jim and their Chrismakah latkes.

I'm going to meet up with him in a week. I'm really excited yet dreading the 20 hours of airplane time. I'll ask Andrew how it was when I next talk to him. He should be at his brother's place by now, I think. It's probably tomorrow there by now, since they're apparently nine hours ahead of GMT. To make it more confusing, they don't do daylight savings time in Japan. Way to not kowtow to the farmers!

People of North America - for too long we have put up with setting our clocks twice a year. The sun is not supposed to set before 5:00! Who gets up at 6:30 anyway? We must overpower our Amish overlords and throw off the shackles of farmer oppression! Viva la revolution!

I'm back in Ottawa looking at the prettily decorated tree and feeling the Christmas cheer. I haven't even dipped into the rum-laced-with-eggnog yet. The cold temperature yesterday broke several records. I'm glad it was colder than ever, because I thought I was just getting really wussy. It's supposed to be much much warmer today. It's also the first day of winter. I always find it encouraging to know that the days will be getting longer again.

Well, off to brave the hordes at the mall. Then all the school stuff will get done. Probably.


At 12:17 a.m., Blogger Tom Brady's Naked Bootleg said...

yay for being home for the holidays. Free food, free laundry, and free booze ... hells yahhh


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