Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Drunk on a school night isthe best kind ofdrunk

Kareoke Box, host of Ali's gala 25th birthday event is kind of a dump.
And by "kind of" I mean "complete and utter".
But it was still awesome, even of they didn't hve "Mr. Roboto".

i smuggled in my own beers and the owner didn't seem to notice or care. The songs for kareoke were sort of crappy, but being able to showcase my lack of talent made them worth it. Especially since being in a small room with only Ali's peeps made it fun and not intimidating. It also gave me the chance to encourage others to "sing it" or "testify", which I hardly ever get to do.

I can't believe i'm expected to be at school in a few hours.

In other news: oatmeal is the bestway to warm up from the 45 minute minus-18-where-the-hell is-the-bus walk. Oatmeal also soaks up excess beer for hangover prevention....I think...time will tell.


At 1:22 p.m., Blogger K. Valliant-Saunders said...

No Liz,
road soda is the best cure for hangover to be, that and handjobs. Eh, eh?? HANDJOBS!

Seriously guy! School can suck it.


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