Saturday, April 02, 2005

Will the cross on Mont Royal turn purple?

Click on the title to Check out the current view of Mont Royal. (thanks to Sofi)

According to a random website, "The first cross on the mountain was placed there in 1634 by Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, the founder of the city, in fulfillment of a vow he made to the virgin Mary when praying to her to stop a disatrous flood. Today, the mountain is crowned by a 31.4-metre-high illuminated cross, installed in 1924 and converted to fibre-optic light in 1992. (The cross's lights have always been white, but the new system can turn the lights red, blue, or purple, which last is to be used upon the death of the pope.)"

I always thought this was a myth because I also read that the cross turns colours during Holy week. I've been in Montreal since 1998 and I've never seen it change colours. Occasionally one part of the cross is a sort of snot-green colour. When I've been up there to look at it, it seemed as though it had plain globe lightbulbs illuminating it, not fibre-optic anything.

I'm going to wait a few hours until it's dark out and see. It's just pissing rain today, otherwise I'd try to go up the mountain and see if some poor slob has to climb up there on a ladder and change all the lightbulbs.

(by the way, the trip to Japan was really cool. I'll write some stuff about that and back-date it when I get the photos developed.)


At 5:27 p.m., Anonymous Benjamin said...

There is a ladder, but from what I've read, it seems that it's all controled from ground-level.


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