Friday, September 23, 2005


Having recently turned 23 again for the third time, the time to get my life in order is rapidly approaching. Fuck it, I choose irresponsibility.

I've gone on a bit of a bender lately, and it's been great channeling a little bit of Courtney Love. It's also been fun regressing and trying drugs I haven't touched in years, albeit in far smaller quantities. I guess that's the same thing. A weekend in Toronto with a gay wedding, drag queens, seeing old friends and generally stomping around and looking scary did wonders for me. The weekend of my birthday was also sweet. Thanks to everyone who came to my boonies-fest, to Jupiter Room and to dance with all the dirty hippies in the park. I was too enmeshed in the party to see if others were having fun at my boonies-fest, but there sure were a lot of people, a lot of booze consumed and, thankfully, no complaints from neighbours.

Ignoring the fact that today consisted of staying out until past sunrise, getting drunk at work and having a cupcake for dinner, I think I am taking some reluctant steps towards responsibility. For example, I'm really getting to like my grown-up job. I'm even learning how to converse (on subjects other than work) with my coworkers who are more than twice my age. I also signed up for the damned mandatory (fuck you, Quebec!) collective insurance today at work. Upon leaving the HR building, I remembered that the research kids were having a party with free pizza and beer and that a few of the more sociable post-docs had invited me. I showed up for the pizza, but it was almost totally inedible. It turns out that that two beers on an empty stomach can be pretty potent. In context, this was late on Friday afternoon anyway and most of those grad students got quite verschnickered. I went back to my office and caught up on work while waiting to sober up enough to drive home. That last part is responsible. Sort of.

A few weeks ago I decided that I will run a half marathon before I turn 23 for the fourth time. I even found a few people to train with. I wonder if this will actually happen. Does anyone in Montreal want to run until your body stops working? It'll be fun!


At 10:36 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go liz. I would run with you (and I can in spirit, and by that I mean sticking butt plugs you-know-where) haha. No, seriously. I'm training for a full marathon (I don't expect to finish in any amount of good time). So call me if you want to bitch about your aching lats.


At 2:38 p.m., Blogger leanangle said...

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At 10:47 p.m., Blogger leanangle said...

To the "student social worker from Montreal" who was critical of my post to her friend's blog:
It was not random.

Sometimes there are typographical errors in my posts, some are due to me not taking the time to run it through a spell checker, or in a hurry, or me being lazy, but not as lazy as a person getting a degree in social work.

Why does one need a degree to sit like a mushroom in some bureaucracy as an expendable and redundant cog in a sputtering machine designed to ineffectively redistribute income from producers to non-producers?

Most social workers end up in “non-profit” organizations. What do social workers do? Social workers write grants to obtain money confiscated from taxpayers, and ultimately squander it on oversized and unneeded offices, cars, laptops, inflated salaries and very little remains to help those who need it.

Most Judeo-Christian religions have demonstrated more efficient methods of charity, and without the help of pointy-headed, elitist, social engineers on the government nipple of which there are already too many. In Canada, socialist redistribution of income is the 3rd largest industry behind forest products and economic misery. Great place to visit but you can't afford to live there.

If you had any guts, you’d challenge my ideas, not my spelling.

At 3:19 a.m., Blogger I am the lizard queen said...

Awww... did I hurt your little feelings?

I don't even know where to begin. What is the most lame?

Is it the part about: "Challenge my ideas, not my spelling"? Are you fucking serious? Reading your "ideas" makes me feel like my eyes are bleeding (e.g. it's "adrenaline", not whatever you wrote. Which makes it "stupidity", not laziness or a typo.) From what I have determined so far, your ideas consist mostly of: "motorcycles go fast.....and they help me compensate for my miniscule penis. VROOOM!!" So, to challenge the few "ideas" I could stomach reading: I will agree that motorcycles are kinda cool, but being small-in-the-pants is not. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find someone who likes you for your personality...Ok, you'd better concentrate on getting really rich and buying some companionship.

Is it the fact that you seem to have wasted some time "researching" bogus numbers about Canada? Yes, you can find things you don't understand about Canada's Public Service Commission and then unsuccessfully try to manipulate this into proving your point. Impressive though that is, if you want to really talk about disparity of wealth, look up the U.N. ratings of our respective countries.

Is it that you choose to try to denigrate the foundations of a profession of which you demonstrate you have absolutely no understanding? Are you possibly trying to describe sociology (with apologies to sociologists everywhere)? Again, try learning about it before you give your unsolicited opinion. If you care to actually try to expand your knowledge base, I can recommend several texts which will elucidate my profession. Alternately, look up "social work" on (which is quite accessible) or in a real encyclopedia. Once you get someone to help you with the big words, you just might learn something new.

Is it that you seem to have had someone read "Marxism for Dummies" to you and now think that you can pontificate about social theory without sounding like a semi-literate douchebag?

Is it that you tried working in the “Judeo-Christian” thing to make it look like you’ve had some fancy-book-learnin’, but charity is one of the five pillars of Islam, so I think the word you were looking for was “Abrahamic”.

Is it the fact that this seems to be how you seek out social contact? (This all started when "leanangle", who has, thankfully, never met my friend Kem, tossed off a little malicious missive on her blog. He has yet to differentiate between "good attention" and "bad attention". This is my second note from him in as many days) I think I might see where you got confused. ran•dom: Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective. Now that that's cleared up, how can you claim it wasn't random when you have never even met her?

Try turning off your computer and going outside to interact with real people, it will do you a world of good. Then you can inflict your opinions on whoever you want.

I think one of the worst things about your little note is that I seem to have seen fit to waste twenty minutes responding to it. I’m going outside before you drag me down to your level any further.

Dude, stick to what you do best - eating corn chips and masturbating to motorcyle magazines in your mom's basement.

Luv, The Lizard Queen

Ps. If you think this was mean, I left out the part about how he should sterilize himself so as to not inflict his genes on another generation on the off-chance a woman ever gets drunk enough to screw the guy. Or how his lineage is no doubt incestuous. In conclusion: full-grown abortions should refrain from writing me mean notes on days when I am already in a bad mood.


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